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Managed security platform that provides web security measures and operational services

Due to the evolution of cloud services and the trend of digitization, the number of websites managed by organizations is increasing and their scale is increasing, and at the same time, cyber attacks targeting websites are increasing day by day. Cyber ​​security is no longer an unavoidable management issue for organizations. However, for websites where valuable human resources are indispensable for site operation, it is a heavy burden not only to deal with security measures but also to handle security operations.


Optimized with AI and cloud technology
Managed security platform

In recent years, digitalization has accelerated, and many services based on web technology are being provided. In addition, due to changes in lifestyles due to COVID-19, the number of businesses that rely on the Internet is increasing, and the risk of cyberattacks is increasing.

 Cyber ​​Matrix believes that a solution that reduces the burden of security implementations, and operations is essential. In response to this issue, we have developed a platform that can automate the deployment of security with just a few clicks and developed an AI model dedicated to security analysis to detect unauthorized events and automatically responds to protect the customer's web service. 

 CyberNEO is used by a wide range of customers, from the web service businesses of large companies to the web service businesses of startups.


Stable security operation infrastructure 
AI model for advanced monitoring

 CyberNEO must continue to operate stably as a service provision platform. To achieve this, CyberNEO is built in a 100% serverless environment. By providing services in highly stable and scalable public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, we have realized a stable security operation monitoring service.

 In addition, the ability to detect and prevent malicious events must be built in to automate security operations. For this reason, Cyber ​​Matrix develops AI models to detect security threats, researches and develops threat information collected, and strives to constantly improve services.


Solve your security challenges
with CyberNEO series

WAF Automator for AWS

This is the best service for customers who are considering implementing Amazon CloudFront, Application Load Balancer (ALB), Amazon API Gateway, and for customers who are considering strengthening the security of the web application layer on AWS.

WAF Automator for Azure

This is the best service for customers who have introduced Azure Front Door or Azure Application Gateway and are considering introducing Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF), or for customers who are considering strengthening the security of the web application layer in Azure.

WAF Automator for Google Cloud

This is the best service for customers using Cloud Load Balancing, a load balancer of Google Cloud, who are considering implementing Google Cloud Armor, and for customers who are considering strengthening the security of the web application layer on Google Cloud.


In order to protect the web service configured in the container, we provide a reverse proxy container that incorporates an inspection engine that judges fraud by AI, and protects the web service configured in the container. This is the best service for customers who are considering strengthening web security for web applications and APIs configured in containers.

TMCO Managed Platform

It will be a service platform for optimizing the security operations of Trend Micro's CloudOne Workload Security. It is a platform that improves operational efficiency of managed services such as management of policies distributed to instances (servers), visualization of security, alert functions, etc., and streamlines operations by automating security monitoring operations.

AWS Security Managed Platform

It is a service that extracts operation events that may lead to internal fraud or account takeover from security events output from AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, and Amazon GuardDuty services, and visualizes events with high security risks. Security monitoring operations can be made more efficient by inspecting output events under specific conditions and notifying high-risk events based on login status and AWS operation details.


Value of CyberNEO

Complicated security measures can be implemented easily, and measures can be strengthened with advanced operations.

Security measures can be taken from the start date of use.

AI provides the expertise required for security operations.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, monitoring by AI solves the problem of resource shortage.

Using AI can reduce costs.

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