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TMCO Managed Platform

Provided by Trend Micro's CloudOne - Workload Security
Managed security platform


Protect your instance (server)

CyberNEO TMCO Managed Platform is a service that introduces Trend Micro's CloudOne - Workload Security to enhance instance security and monitor security. After installing an agent on the monitored instance and distributing the policy managed by Cyber ​​Matrix, security operations are performed by monitoring the output security logs and events.

Easy deployment steps (for AWS)

CyberNEO TMCO Managed Platform is developed with a concept that can be deployed in four steps.

  1. Create an IAM role with CloudFormation to control the instance on AWS from CloudOne - Workload Security.

  2. Install the agent on the target EC2 instance.

  3. Register the computer (instance registration) and distribute the policy to the management server, and start security monitoring.

  4. View reports and detected threat events from our security managed cloud "CyberNEO"

Visualize with CyberNEO Console

CyberNEO accesses Trend Micro's CloudOne API to update policies and collect events, analyze detected events, and create daily and monthly reports.


Firewall/IPS/IDS/Antivirus policy deployment

Create and deliver optimized firewall/IPS/IDS/antivirus policies to collect events necessary for host security hardening and security operations.

Forwarding high-risk events

High-risk events are output, and events that require security breach investigation are selected from the event contents and forwarded. Also, if a virus is detected, it checks whether it was properly disinfected and forwards events that are likely not to be disinfected.

Threat intelligence delivery function

It collects high-risk sources of attacks and distributes them as a blacklist. Reduce the risk of cyberattacks by matching threat information with access sources.

Attack event display function

Enables real-time viewing of attack detection events from the CyberNEO management portal. You can check the policy operation results and attack detection status.

Attack analysis report

Detected attack information (source, trend, destination, attack content, etc.) is displayed as a daily/monthly report. You can see attack trends.

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