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Matrix Scan for Defacement
AWS Edition

Security assessment service by security proffesionals


Understand vulnerabilities and
take appropriate measures

 Finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they are attacked is essential for system operation. In addition, when vulnerabilities are detected, you can protect your system from cyber attacks by responding quickly and appropriately.

 However, finding vulnerabilities requires a high degree of expertise, so inspections cannot be carried out easily. Matrix Inspect is a service that supports you in responding appropriately when an engineer with expertise in cyberattacks inspects and detects vulnerabilities.


Service overview

Matrix Inspect is a service that performs security inspections on system resources that make up websites. Scan web pages, APIs, mobile apps (iOS/Android) and cloud resources for vulnerabilities and threats.

Inspection approach

Matrix Inspect is a service that can be selected according to the inspection content and target of security inspection. The inspection contents consist of vulnerability inspection, manual inspection, and intrusion inspection.



  • Vulnerability Assessment


¥600,000 ~
  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Manual Inspection (10 location)

  • Optional services​


¥900,000 ~
  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Manual Inspection (10 location

  • Penetration test

  • Optional services

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