Cyber ​​Matrix Co., Ltd. provides security cloud services, CyberNEO to protect against cyber threats that are a business issue for customers. In addition to CyberNEO, we provide security consulting and security assessment services to support customer's security operation .  It is getting difficult to protect without proper security operation from recent advanced cyber attacks. We support security enhancement through threat analytics with AI, cloud technology and threat intelligence.

Company Name

Cyber Matrix Co., Ltd.


Mori Building 33 Toranomon 3-8-21 Toranomon Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001



Establishment Date

March 15, 2019


20,000 thousand yen


Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Shinjuku Shintoshin Branch
Rakuten Bank Second Sales Branch

Business description

  • Security operation cloud service [CyberNEO]
  • Collection and analysis of security threat information
  • Providing vulnerability assessment and penetration test services
  • Managed security service
  • Security consulting
  • Security education service


Our Team


Katsutoshi Yotsuyanagi


He experienced various challenges in business, IT  and security fields in start-up company, after that, launched security operation center (SOC) for government offices and enterprise to enhance their security operation. In addition to that, he provided incident response with forensics and security policy and system design and implementation as consultant of consulting firms and security vendors. Currently, he is engaged in research and development of threat detection cloud platform in Cyber Matrix.


Yukihiro Nakamura

Senior Executive Researcher

He experienced system development, implementation and administration of infrastructure in system integrator. After that, he joined security vendors and engaged in security assessment services (NW, Web, DB). Currently, he is engaged in security assessment, security advisory and training in Cyber Matrix. He also works as a book writer and external lecturer.

Rutuja Wanjari

Senior Data Scientist

After experienced in software development, she was responsible for the development of chatbot systems with AI as a co-founder of venture business. She is good at algorithm design from AR / VR to AI, especially NLP field. Currently she is engaged in data analysis for security threat detection and AI model development in Cyber Matrix.

  • Specialized field

    AI / NLP, Full stack development, Python, Javascript, AR / V


Imaduddin A Majid

Lead platform engineer

He was engaged in research at universities in Japan and overseas, and engaged in hardware development such as IoT and embedded as a co-founder at a venture company. In addition to hardware development, he is in charge of development in the cloud environment at a startup company in the United States utilizing skills such as cloud development and deep learning. He won awards for numerous robot contests and papers, and is currently engaged in developing cloud services and threat detection systems in Cyber ​​Matrix.

  • Specialized field

    ROS, full stack development, Python, C / C ++, Tensorflow, Linux

  • Award history

    Go Hackathon 2017 Finalist
    2016 ICITACEE (International Conference on Information Technology, -Computer , and Electrical Engineering) Best Paper Award Paper Title "Arrival Time Field Based Path Planning Algorithm for Mobile Robot ''

  • Contests

    2015 ASME ISHOW Won
    2015 National Innovative Geospatial Contest Won
    2015 International Robot Contest 3rd
    2014 National Soccer Robot Contest 3rd